The Machine Gun Nest
7910 Reichs Ford Road, Frederick MD 21704

Smith & Wesson

America’s Guardian Program


Applicable Program Firearms Only Include The Following: M&P 10 Rifle (#311314), M&P 15 Lower (#812000), Revolvers (Only to Include Model #’s 162410, 160410, 10062, 10138, 164194), M&P Bodyguard 380 (109381, 10266, 10048, 10265), M&P Shield Line (9MM, .40SW, .45ACP), M&P Shield M2.0 Line (9MM, .40SW,), M&P Compact (9MM, .40SW, .45ACP), M&P Compact M2.0 Line (9MM, .40SW), M&P Mid Size 45 Pistols (only to include model #’s 309307, 307507, 307607, 307707), M&P Full Size Pistols (9MM, .40SW, .45ACP), M&P Full Size M2.0 Line (9MM, .40SW, .45ACP), SDVE, 1911 Pistol (#108482 only), and the Rimfire #108390 Pistol. (Please email for approval/price confirmation)

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