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Workout Tips To Improve Your Shooting Accuracy

Generally speaking, shooting target practice with accuracy is all about three things: Safety, patience, and vision.

But there’s another little-known factor that goes into hitting your targets with pristine grouping, as well: strength.

Whether you’re shooting a pistol, a rifle or shotgun, or even a fully automatic machine gun, your overall core strength as well as specific targeted areas can affect your accuracy in a big way.

So, instead of always blaming your gun – who does that, right? –  consider working on a few areas of your body in order to increase your shooting accuracy. 

If you want a great place to practice in a safe, fun, and non-judging environment, consider hitting up Maryland’s premier indoor shooting range: The Machine Gun Nest.

Located in Frederick, our aim is to change the perception of guns and gun ownership one experience at a time, meaning we are ready and willing to help you work on your accuracy whether you’re an avid gun owner or trying it out for the first time. We are open to the public seven days a week, with weekly specials, instruction, and a welcoming environment open to men, women, and children. 

But before you do come in, be sure to check out these workout tips to improve your shooting accuracy.

Grip It Good

Obviously, having a tight and strong grip is going to come in handy when it comes to holding and handling a gun, no matter what shape or size. Better grip means better control, especially when it comes to recoil and kickback, which can be one of the biggest challenges when striving for target grouping. By working on your grip, you’ll be able to put a reliable squeeze on your gun, hold it level, and keep it steady. What are some ways in which you can work on your grip? Try some of the following, if you’re not familiar: 

  • Grip Builders: These simple little devices can be used for a workout no matter where you are. You can find them with different resistance levels depending on how much of a challenge you want, and you can work on strengthening your grip even when you’re watching TV or sitting at your office.
  • Lift Heavier: If you’re in to weight training, the best way to improve your grip is to grip the bar harder and lift heavier. It seems obvious, we know, but it’s still a surefire way to get improved grip, forearm strength, and wrist strength, which can come in handy when it comes to shooting.

Focus on Forearms

Your forearms do a lot of heavy lifting (get it) when it comes to shooting. From helping you hold the gun in place to actually firing, it’s crucial that you have adequate forearm strength when striving for accuracy. If you’re already emphasizing your grip strength, then the great thing is forearm strength will follow. However, if you want to place an added emphasis on your forearms, that will only help when it comes to endurance (pulling the trigger repeatedly can get tiring). Consider using a dumbbell or other item with weight resistance and curl your wrist upward while holding your arms straight out. Feel the burn now and relish in accurate shooting later! 

Shooting Shoulders

Having proper posture and positioning is another crucial aspect of shooting. Particularly if you’re shooting for longer durations, your shoulders are going to want to start slouching or getting out of position if they don’t have the proper strength and/or endurance. Building up your shoulder strength will pay huge dividends when it comes to your shooting accuracy, so if you’re looking for that Instagram-worthy grouping, make sure you build up a solid regimen of push-ups, dumbbell press, and pull ups.

Mental Machinery

In order to shoot accurately, you also need to have a strong mind. How do you develop a strong mind? Through the practice of safe, efficient shooting at the indoor shooting range. Here at the Machine Gun Nest, we offer a safe, helpful environment fit for anyone. Here, you can work on your shooting accuracy as well as your mental focus, and we make sure you have a great time doing it all the while. Come to the best indoor shooting range in Maryland and learn how to shoot accurately, safely, and efficiently today!