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What To Wear To The Shooting Range


It’s shooting time.

You’ve got your gun locked, your ammunition ready to be loaded, and your good-time hat on.

You’re all set to head to the best indoor shooting range in Frederick: The Machine Gun Nest.

But wait! What are you going to wear?

It’s the eternal question.

In addition to asking yourself how swaggy you’re going to be on the firing range, you also need to consider what kind of gear you need to stay safe on the range.

With that being said, here are some tips for what to wear to the shooting range.

Safety First

Before you even pick out your duds, you need to make sure you have all of your proper safety gear packed and ready.

Make sure everything is in proper working condition before putting it in your bag to head to the indoor shooting range.

If you wear nothing else, be sure you at least have these things:

  • Safety glasses or some form of eye protection: The more your glasses cover, the less risk to you. At the indoor shooting range, you’ll probably want to wear some form of clear or light lenses.

  • Ear protection: Guns are loud. You need to protect your hearing and eardrums from that loudness with some form of protection, even if it’s just by inserting foam earplugs. Ideally,  especially if you’re dealing with machine gun rentals or other heavy machinery, a more heavy duty pair of electronic earmuffs would be beneficial.

  • Hat: If you prefer, wearing a hat may protect your face even further from hot cartridges flying through the air.

If you forget, don’t have any of these proper safety items, or yours just aren’t up to par, you can rent any and all of these items from your indoor shooting range in Frederick.

Other Gear

Now that we have the safety aspect covered, what other things should you wear (or not wear, for that matter)?

First, you’ll want to be sure you don’t wear loose or baggy shirts or sleeves that may hamper your ability to properly handle your firearm.

Guys and ladies alike should wear t-shirts or tight-fitting long sleeve shirts that are comfortable yet easily maneuverable.

On the indoor shooting range especially, long sleeves and pants will probably be your best bet anyway, so as to protect from any rogue hot shells that may be coming from your firearm. Trust us, that would not feel good.

Finally, as we mentioned before, you should wear a hat to protect your face, but you should also wear sneakers or boots that will allow you to grip the floor and take a proper firing stance.

Avoid sandals or open-toed shoes that will leave your feet vulnerable to hot casings.

And that’s it! You’re all set to head to the indoor shooting range.

So now that you’re ready, come on down to The Machine Gun Nest and get to firing. No appointment needed!