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The Benefits Of Taking A Shooting Class

Whether you are brand new to the hobby of shooting or you have been shooting for many years, signing up for a shooting class can be an excellent experience. At our indoor shooting range in Frederick, we offer a variety of instructional classes. Feel free to check out our class schedule online and contact us to learn more about the right class for your skill level. From beginner safety courses to tactical training classes, we have a firearms training course for everyone. 

Joining us for a class will afford you a variety of benefits. Just like any hobby, practice makes perfect, and just like many hobbies, having a professional instructor teach you new skills can improve your capabilities. Check out these benefits of taking a shooting class at our indoor range.

Real Life Experience

When you join us for a firearms training course you will benefit from the instruction of true professionals through what we call our L5 Tactical program. Our instructors are not just people who enjoy shooting as a hobby that we simply hire to teach a class. Instead, the instructor group at L5 Tactical is comprised of Maryland police officers. Because our instructors are currently police officers, they are equipped to share extensive knowledge and experience from real life, practical applications. They have years of experience and train you implementing modern, specialized, and advanced education. 

Our unique instructor group provides the best and most versatile firearms training around. Due to their extensive real life experience, we are able to provide a huge array in class choices.


Hands On Instruction & Correction

While you can learn a lot on your own about best shooting practices, having an instructor who can guide you is invaluable in catching mistakes early on. We always recommend that new shooters take a beginner safety course. This will ensure you understand exactly how your firearm operates and the important safety precautions you should always take when shooting a gun.

When you work with an instructor at our shooting range, you will be afforded the chance to learn in a small, student focused class. Our firearms training is not focused on time restraints and commercialized learning, instead, our instructors are extremely passionate about ensuring each student succeeds. When you have a real, live instructor by your side, you will be able to catch any bad or lazy habits in your shooting immediately. You will benefit from hands on instruction and real life demonstrations. This is particularly useful for those who wish to improve accuracy and cannot determine what is holding them back from perfecting their aim

Leveling Up & Improving Accuracy

If you are someone who has been shooting for many years, you may find yourself hitting a wall (no pun intended) when it comes to improving your marksmanship. It can be difficult to pinpoint why you are no longer improving or leveling up without the help of a professional instructor. We have classes that are specifically geared towards improving your accuracy and helping you gain a new level of skills. For those looking to improve accuracy, a bullseye marksmanship class might be the perfect choice.

Conversely, if you feel like you have mastered the art of shooting and you are looking for a new challenge, taking a firearms course can open you up to new skills you didn’t know existed. We even provide individual instruction where our expert instructors can assist you in learning new skillsets, such as advanced holster draw techniques, speeding up your reload times, and more.

Developing Self Defense Skills

Although you may own your gun just for the enjoyment of shooting at the range, you may also have a firearm as a means of self defense. If you plan on incorporating your gun as a means of self defense, it is important to take a class that hones your self defense skills. Led by our L5 Tactical team, our self defense classes will cover defensive engagement techniques, including the application of fundamental pistol marksmanship in defensive combat. Our instructors will also focus on the depth of physiological and psychological stress you might undergo in a self defense scenario, so you are better prepared to handle and work through the inherent stress involved in self defense. 

There are a variety of reasons people join us for firearms training in Frederick, and we are here to ensure you get the most out of your classes at our indoor shooting range. Call today to learn more about our concealed carry classes, gun safety courses, defensive handgun classes, and more.