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Make The Most Of Your Bachelor Party


It’s go time, bros. Whether you’re the groom-to-be planning your own shindig, or you’re the groom’s right hand man, this is one party that can’t be messed up.
A bachelor party is the stereotypical night that sends the groom off into Married Land where he can be all cute and in love with his new wife. The party a standard in wedding planning these days, mostly because it’s one of the best ways to break away from talking with the minister, trying to figure out why the heck the invitations need to be addressed with calligraphy, and writing the thank you notes that are already piling up from the shower. 
It’s supposed to be a night for the books - a night that no other party can top. It’s supposed to be a night full of “boys being boys” and honestly just some time to get away from everything to have some fun!
Today, bachelor parties are becoming more than just hitting up the late night adult clubs for some drinks and are instead turning into all day or weekend extravaganzas. 
Many dudes pack in some adrenaline-pumping adventure during the day and then hit the bars at night or even escape for a weekend of camping.
When you’re ready to feel the blood pumping through your veins with your best friends by your side, you’re ready for a bachelor party at The Machine Gun Nest. 


Plan The Party

Nobody wants to show up to a bachelor party that isn’t organized where everyone sits around and tries to figure out what to do. So be the Best Man who officially organizes a party for the last hoorah. Rent out the shooting range and tack on some firearms. 
The Machine Gun Nest caters to bachelor party groups and can help you create a unique time for you and your friends. You can rent the indoor shooting range as well as pistols, shotguns, and full-auto weapons and go to town on targets. If you or some friends haven’t shot before, our team can offer full instruction to make sure everyone has fun.
The indoor range has 12 lanes, and each lane can hold two shooters. You do the math. Or not. We can have as many as 24 shooters in the lanes at once, meaning you don’t have to hold back on the guest list. Some groups have combined the bachelor and bachelorette parties at the shooting range for some friendly competition and then sent the respective friends on their separate ways for the rest of the evening to have a proper send-off.
We are open every day of the week, with hours on Friday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Check out our other hours of operation in the footer of our website.

Check Plan The Bachelor Party Off Your To-Do List



What To Bring

Everyone needs to bring a valid form of photo identification. We accept drivers’ licenses, passports, and more. That’s it!
If you own your own weapons, you may bring the firearms in a case. All weapons must be in a case and unloaded upon arrival. All guns will be inspected by our staff. You can bring your own ammo as long as it’s approved by our team. In general, we do not approve steel core, armor piercing, tracers, and any non-slug shotgun rounds in the shooting range.
There’s no need to worry about finding a gun to bring to the shooting range. One of our favorite features is we have weapons to rent so everyone over the age of 21 can have a good time. People under 21 are allowed in the range, but they cannot rent a machine gun on their own. With a parent or guardian’s signature, the minor can shoot the more advanced weapons too. You must be 18 years old to rent a semi-automatic rifle or shotgun.

The Cost

Non-members pay $20/hour for the first shooter on the lane and $10/hour for the second shooter on the same lane. 
Gun rental prices vary depending on the weapon of choice.

  • Pistols: $10 + the cost of ammo</li>
  • Premium Pistols: $15 + the cost of ammo</li>
  • Semi-Auto Rifles and Shotguns: $5 - $15 + the cost of ammo</li>
  • Full-Auto Weapons: Prices depend on the model + the cost of ammo</li>

We offer special deals for booking an official event at The Machine Gun Nest, so get in touch with us today for specific details on pricing for your group.
So if you’re ready to challenge your bros to see who can hit the most bullseyes before embarking on a night full of fun and adventure, you’re ready for The Machine Gun Nest. 
Help your buddy check “Shoot A Machine Gun” off his bucket list before he gets hitched. He’ll remember you forever.