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How To Improve Your Pistol Shooting Accuracy

So you and your pistol are locked and loaded and ready to hit up The Machine Gun Nest, better known as your favorite indoor shooting range in Frederick.

Now comes the fun part.

Whether you’re bringing your own pistol, or you want to rent one of ours (remember, you must be 21 years or older to do so), our shooting range gives you the space to show off your shooting skills in a fun, safe environment.

But wait. There’s a problem. 

Everytime you go shooting, you end up spraying holes all over the place without ever hitting your target. 

What’s up with that? 

Sure, you could blame the gun. But we all know that’s a cop out.

Chances are, it’s the one doing the shooting that really needs the work.
 we’re here for.

Our indoor shooting range provides the perfect arena for you to break in your new pistol, test one out for the first time, or just work on your accuracy.

So you’re looking to make your shot grouping a little tighter, check out some of these tips for how to improve your pistol shooting accuracy while at The Machine Gun Nest.

Check Your Splits

Proper pistol slinging starts out with a proper shooting stance.

If you’re looking to hit your marks efficiently, you’re probably not going to want to take a casual stance with a wobbly base.

If your feet are too close together or if you’re leaning too far back, any bit of recoil or kickback could be enough to knock you out of sync.

Make sure you have a nice, wide base with your feet lined up on solid grounding, and throw in a slight forward lean to protect against recoil. 

While we’re checking form, make sure you have a tight grip on your pistol. So tight, in fact, that it should be hard for you to move your non-trigger fingers. This will help you cut down on rogue movements or slips in order for you to line up your sights properly.

Dry Practice

Now that we have proper stance and grip, we can begin taking steps toward improving accuracy.

Here’s something that may sound strange: You don’t need to actually shoot your gun to improve your marksmanship.

That’s right.

One of the best and most common ways to practice is by going through some dry firing drills, which means “shooting” your gun without live bullets.

Whether you want to use a dummy round or just go with an empty chamber, dry practice can help you anticipate a proper trigger pull so you don’t flinch when the time comes to shoot real bullets.

Remember, you don’t want to jerk the trigger and fire fast and furious. Instead, remember to squeeze slowly so that you’re almost surprised when it reaches the breakpoint. The slower you pull, the more accurate you will be.

Though you won’t get a feel for the actual recoil, knowing the exact squeeze you need for your trigger to break and ultimately fire the bullet can help you develop muscle memory which allows you to stay steady and have proper mechanics every time you shoot.

Line It Up

This one seems more obvious, but sometimes proper technique can get lost in the shuffle and excitement of shooting.

If you want to improve your shooting accuracy, you need to be able to see your targets and focus on them by using the gun’s sights.

Try keeping both eyes open for a change, and remember to focus on the front sight. 

As soon as your target, front sight, and slightly blurry rear sight are perfectly lined up, begin the process of squeezing your trigger (remember, slow and steady wins the accuracy contest). 

Hit The Range

It takes 10,000 hours of practice on one task to become an expert.

At least, that’s what the guy with the funny hair said anyway.

So, like with all things, perfect practice makes perfect when it comes to shooting your pistol.

That’s why when you’re looking to improve your accuracy, you should always come to The Machine Gun Nest in Frederick.

Our indoor shooting range is fully staffed by shooting experts who can lend their own tips and tricks to help you become a better shooter. 

We even offer a variety of instruction classes to help you handle your weapon properly and efficiently.

When you’re ready for a fun, exciting, and altogether rewarding shooting experience, contact The Machine Gun Nest

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