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The Machine Gun Nest
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Improve Your Skills

We prioritize safety first, and our customer experience right behind it. 

The Crew at TMGN comes together from a wide background of Civilian, LEO and Military Members. We bring a lot to the table and so do you. We are here to help provide you an excellent experience whether it's your first time seeing a firearm, or your hundredth. We do it all - firearm sales, accessories, training, and a live fire indoor range. One of our most important goals though is to inform you. Furthering your education should be taken seriously, and we're here to help you do so.


Changing the way people think about guns,
one experience at a time

TMGN instruction

Our in-house team of instructors are not just hobbyists, but professionals who have dedicated themselves to shooting and more importantly, communicating those skills to those interested.

Whether you're a brand new shooter or want to work on more advanced techniques, we have you covered. Our style is based on safety, clear communication, and helping you achieve your goal.

  • If you have a home defense weapon that you're ready to dust off, we would love to work with you on safe usage.

  • If you own a firearm and want to learn proper maintenance, our instructors can teach you how to keep your gun functioning.

  • If you want to sharpen your target shooting, the TMGN instructors know how to tighten your groups and increase your speed.

  • Our instructors are qualified to teach more advanced techniques, such as holster draw, speed up your reload times, and more.

L5 Tactical instruction

 The instructor group at L5 Tactical are all current Maryland police officers who've dedicated their lives to public service, with years of extensive knowledge and experience in law enforcement operations, military, and military special operations. The training implements modern, advanced, and specialized education in the principles of adult learning, methods, and styles. Our vast experience and education allows us to provide you some of the best and most versatile firearms training in the world.

We pride ourselves in providing "non-commercialized" firearms training. L5 Tactical instructors train to a standard, not a time constraint. And we're passionate about the success of our students. Our goal is to help you create a safe, educated, and informed community where we live.

We've taught entry level & advanced firearms skills to professionals for years with great success and strongly believe in the importance of what we teach.