Machine Gun Rental Frederick | Gun Range MD | Tactical Training 21704 - Machine Gun Nest

Full auto. Yes... you read that correctly.

If there's a cool full-auto weapon from history, a video game, or movie, chances are that we have it. Check it off your bucket list, exclusively  at The Machine Gun Nest.

Must be 21 years of age to rent.

1919 $175 ($40/belt)
AK-47 $70 ($15/mag)
Krinkov $70 ($15/mag)
RPD $150 ($40/belt)
M4 $75 ($15/mag)
MP5/MP5K $100 ($10/mag)
UZI $70 ($10/mag)
Thompson $100 ($15/mag)
Sten $60 ($10/mag)
Scar 16 $100 ($15/mag)
Scar 17 $125 ($20/mag)
P90 $125 ($30/mag)
G36 $125 ($15/mag)
Kriss Vector $125 ($15/mag)
Remington ACR $100 ($15/mag)

PLEASE NOTE: When it comes to full auto rentals, we rent those out as a package deal, all of which vary from $60-$175 as you see above. That rate can be shared between two shooters.

When it comes to larger groups of 5 or more people, we only charge the set rental fee ONE time, but it would not include any belts/mags or a t-shirt; instead, you simply purchase however many belts/mags needed to equal the number of shooters in the group.