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The Machine Gun Nest
7910 Reichs Ford Road, Frederick MD 21704

Full Autos

Shoot a Machine Gun!

If there's a cool full-auto weapon from history, a video game, or a movie, chances are that we have it. Check it off your bucket list, exclusively  at The Machine Gun Nest. *Must be 21 years of age to rent*

1919 $175 ($40/belt)
Krinkov $70 ($15/mag)
M4 $75 ($15/mag)
MP5/MP5K $100 ($15/mag)
UZI $70 ($15/mag)
Thompson $100 ($15/mag)
Sten $60 ($15/mag)
Scar 16 $100 ($15/mag)
Scar 17 $125 ($20/mag)
P90 $125 ($30/mag)
G36 $125 ($15/mag)
Kriss Vector $125 ($15/mag)
Remington ACR $100 ($15/mag)

HK UMP $125 ($15/mag)

PLEASE NOTE: When it comes to full auto rentals, we rent those out as a package deal, all of which vary from $60-$175 as you see above. That rate can be shared between two shooters. Each rental includes two loaded belts/mags. You can purchase additional belts or mags for the specified price above.

When it comes to larger groups of 5 or more people, we only charge the set rental fee ONE time, but it would not include any belts/mags or a t-shirt; instead, you simply purchase however many belts/mags needed to equal the number of shooters in the group.